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Red is the dusk as the sky gives way
Light the breeze as the wind gives sway
Long the shadows as the nightjar calls
So sad my heart as my spirit falls.
Deep the pain as my tears rolls faint
The tombs of loved one’s time doth paint.

And there I stand – there comes a cry!
The sound of a bird or a weary sigh?
No, there it sits upon a mound
of brazen clay so brown and bound.
A friend from God, a puff of fluff
small and dark and round and rough.
And Ovistin? – That is her name.

Dirt in its eyes so blue as the skies
Ants on its paws and thorns in its fur
With the touch of the hand it starts to purr.
Oh, how soothing the breath of the one who cares
And how blessed the spirit of the one who bears
The anguish and pain of a life in despair.

Douw S. van Zyl
August 2011

Our passion

Welcome to our one-stop embroidery online shop. With a passion for crafting and a lot of creative thinking I digitize embroidery designs for your creative pleasure. I love digitizing it is my passion. I specialize in applique designs, you use fewer stitches when you use the applique technique. My speciality is baby creations and I love creating large designs. I use the PFAFF Premier +2 Ultra Program to do all my digitizing. I am the PFAFF Sewing Machine Dealer here in Barberton, Mpumalanga, South Africa and PFAFF machines rank among the top sewing and embroidery machines in the world.

Take your pick of all our beautiful designs. Available in 8 digital formats DST EXP HUS JEF PES VIP VP3 VP4, needed for various Embroidery machine models.

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